Hi beautiful women! It’s been a great weekend for  all us even though there is a  pandemic going on in the world. Its hard living with diseases around us. A virus that is called Covid-19 is in the world like everyone knows is a Virus that starts in your throat and goes around in your body and damages your organs. The virus gets worse when a person has other conditions or diseases or has a low defenses.When the person has other conditions the virus can kill them. Alot of people been cured by drinking hot tea, lemon and honey.  Its best to drink  hot things. They still haven’ t find a cure for  this pandemic.  I also heard  a doctor say the best thing  to do is to do gargles of  hot water and salt  because it  can kill the virus in the throat  before its spreads to the whole body. It stays seven days in your throat and then spreads. We can tackle it before that happens with gargle of hot salt water. The same thing my grandmother used to  make us  do when we were sick. We  are going back to the day.  So  beautiful women you need to do this  for prevention. I’m sorry for all those people that have died because of this and those that are sick and battling the virus. BE STRONG. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN Please PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Wear masks and  gloves when you go out and buy some  hand sanitizer. Alcohol is  also  good. We dont want this virus to spread lets do whatever it takes to stop spreadin this bad pandemic. Let’s  listen  to  the guidelines.  Prepare yourself because we don’t know when this pandemic will go away. Love you all abi Hugs n kisses

Hello Beautiful women

How’s all the women out there doing so far today?Well yesterday my son decided to hit my tooth with his elbow.I was showing my family some videos when he was small. He was singing in YouTube, today he’s 14 but he hates when he sees himself singing so he wanted to get the remote and just hit me in the tooth with his elbow .My tooth still hurts a lil no big deal but I was a little scared . We have to be strong at all times so I can say that it’s going to be fine . Being a mother is not so easy. So last time i was writing  about how to see yourself beautiful. You needed to get a mirror and write a couple of things that you like about yourself and things that you hate about yourself .Doing this will let you know what you need to fix in order to see yourself beautiful . The Things that you don’t like about yourself is it phisical? Maybe is what you don’t like about you let’s say what you didn’t accomplish what are you doing that you don’t like? Most of the time we see ourselves not beautiful because of what we didn’t do. Goals are not met accomplishments are not done so we see ourselves like we are not doing enough and  we feel worthless. When you get the mirror that’s what you see . This is not the way you should see yourself .We all have goals and things that we want to do.Things happen in life and  we can’t do them.We got married had kids we have duties in the household.We have  jobs and  bills to pay and we didn’t think how fast time passes .When we open our eyes it’s been years. So those things that we wanted to do that we couldn’t made us sad and then we start changing the way we dress the way we see ourselves start to change .We don’t fix our hair anymore .We say For what?All I do is clean cook take care of the kids. We forget that we are beautiful  If we are diamonds we need to shine .Get up get dressed and start  feeling beautiful again .Now you get that mirror and you say to yourself I’m beautiful .I’m gorgeous I love myself .Everyday we should say that in the mirror while combing your hair.Put some make up on at least one day and  if you don’t know how I will show you how it’s simple just basics .We need to take care of this body that God gave us . Let’s start by getting up early .Wash your face with a good face soap.  Let’s start with a good skin care  that has a face wash, a  toner and moisturizer.When we wake up in the morning we should wash our face for the start of the day and put our moisturizer every day as well.We don’t want wrinkles in our face so we prevent them when we can.After the cleaning section we put a little make up starting with cover up, powder, eyeliner and lipgloss .It’s going to be a quick make up routine and you will look beautiful. Your hair should be combed everyday. Back in the days women brushed their hair 100 times and they all had long beautiful hair .I guess is the brushing.When we  brush our hair we are helping the hair to grow . Now that you have a clean face and your  hair is brushed now it’s time for you to see yourself in the mirror again and say what you see. You’ll be shocked how different you look .Do this every morning.hugs n kisses abi


We are all beautiful women.

Somos Mujeres Bellas

Hi to all the beautiful women. Today I’m going to start by saying that you are beautiful.You need to hear it and say it. Start to think it because we are beautiful women. We don’t feel that we are beautiful because we have to do so many things in a day that we don’t have time for us.Kids,family,work,  husband and alot of other things that we have to take care of,so we lose ourselves.We don’t worry anymore about ourselves.At the end of the day we get tired and we can’t do more and then that makes us eventually sad.

What I’m trying to do is make women beautiful again by giving them the support they need to achieve it.Things are not going to happen from one day to another is a process, is a time for us to change the way we think about ourselves.

We need that push in order to get that self-esteem high again.We need to understand that we are diamonds and that we need to shine.

God made us beautiful.We are precious in his eyes.We need to understand that we are beautiful.We need to start loving us.Love yourself! Start hugging yourself every morning and look at yourself in the mirror and say yes I am beautiful. Alot of people out there won’t say it to you or maybe your family won’t say it to you but it doesn’t matter to you anymore because when you see yourself in the mirror you know you beautiful.You don’t need people to tell you that anymore.We are made in the image of God.We are valuable.We are powerful.We can do anything.We are smart talented women and because we feel that we are not beautiful enough or smart enough to get what we want we can’t get that job we want, we just settle for less.We let our thoughts control us.That fear of disappointment or just fear.What do you want from life? Is that what you think you deserve? Not doing the things that you desire the most just because. Do not say yes when you really want to say no. This is a way to make  you feel beautiful again, make you feel strong.That doesn’t mean that you are going to fight with your kids and spouse.No! It means that you have a mind of your own and different desires that you need to accomplish as soon as possible.I want you to do a little assignment.

Get a mirror and see yourself in it for 5 minutes or more.

 Get a paper and pen or pencil and write down  5 things that you see in yourself How do you see yourself?  You see yourself as a great women etc.

Get another paper and write down 5 things that you hate about yourself What you see physical or whatever is that you don’t like about yourself.

Turn over the paper and write 5 things that you love about yourself.

This is going to help you know what is that you need to change about how you think about yourself. Some things that we hate about ourselves can be changed. Some physical things can also be changed. There’s always makeup .. and full makeovers that can make us feel beautiful. But the way you think can it be changed ? Yes it can . It’s up to us. Negative to positive thinking. God gave us a beautiful mind to think. He doesn’t want us to feel sad. He didn’t create us for that. He made us to shine in this earth to show the world what we can do. We are beautiful mothers,

daughters, friends, nieces, grandmothers and also singles mothers that we have to be a father and a mother at the same time. We have to be strong for that.

Read those things you wrote and think about them and think what can you do to change them? Can you change it or not?

Remember we are beautiful women don’t forget that. Thanks Hugs n kisses to you beautiful women.

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